Ministry of Coal in consultation with Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata has prepared National Lignite Index and Base Prices to facilitate auction of lignite mines on revenue share basis. Draft Lignite Index with Base Year 2021-22 was rolled out on 20.07.2022.  the above-mentioned draft national Lignite Index and its Standard Operating Procedure was published in public domain vide Notice dated 30.08.2022 i.e., on the website of MoC inviting comments/ suggestions/ observations from all the Stakeholders, User Agencies and public in general within 15 days.  However, no comments/inputs were received from the concerned stakeholder/user agencies etc.  

Draft National Lignite Index based on technical notes prepared by Indian Statistical Institute have been forwarded to Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation for placing the same before the Technical Advisory Committee on Statistics of Prices and Cost of Living (TAC on SPCL) for its view on the methodology of National Lignite Index.