Ministry of Coal administers the following three Central Sector Schemes namely-

i.    Exploration of Coal and Lignite, 
ii.    Research & Development and 
iii.    Conservation, Safety and Infrastructural Development in Coal Mines. 

Brief of the schemes are as under:-

1    Exploration of Coal and Lignite - By regional exploration, prognosticated occurrences of coal and lignite horizons are categorized into 'Indicated' and 'Inferred' resources. Exploration under the scheme generates the crucial data to delineate, estimate and evaluate coal/lignite resources of India by preparation of geological reports (GRs). These reports are utilised for the new coal blocks to be put for auction/allocation.

Promising areas identified by regional exploration are taken up for detailed exploration in the second stage which involves intensive drilling to bring the resources into 'Proved' category.

2    Research & Development - The Research & Development (R&D) activity in Ministry of Coal (MoC) is administered through an Apex Body namely, Standing Scientific Research Committee (SSRC) with Secretary (Coal) as its Chairman. The main functions of SSRC are to plan, program, budget the new &ongoing research projects and oversee the implementations of research projects.

3    Conservation, Safety and Infrastructural Development in Coal Mines - In order to ensure conservation of coal and safety in coal mines, Government has enacted Conservation and Development Act (CCDA).

Coal Conservation and Development Act (CCDA) Committee has been formed to advise the Central Government for disbursement of the cost incurred by the coal companies in sand stowing, protective works and development of transport infrastructure.

Funds are reimburse for Stowing operations, Protective Works (including blanketing with incombustible materials and filling up of subsidence.

Development of new coal mining methods, development and utilization of explosives, Techno-economic studies of various underground and surface transport systems in mines.

The Budget allocation for the said schemes during FY 2022-23 is as under: